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Deals and Offers

“Monsoon Madness”

The central hills get not one but two monsoons a year. The south-west monsoon usually appears in May and the north-east monsoon in November – though climate change globally has meant that these weather patterns are less predictable then they used to be.

Monsoon time is not all bad. Though it rains just about every day, there are also periods of sunshine, and the rain is spectacular (and warm). Night-time thunder and lightning is also very exciting if it doesn’t frighten you. But we realise that most guests will prefer to visit at drier times of the year so for those who fancy experiencing the monsoon our “Low Tide” offer applies for the whole of the months of May and November and means you can book two rooms for the price of one (or the whole house for the price of two rooms). And who knows, the monsoon might fail or be late and you’ll strike lucky and get more or less continuous sunshine. Monsoon time is also, of course, the best time to look at the many waterfalls in the hill country.

Activity Holidays

We are gradually developing partnerships with people who can lead a party of six to eight people in an activity holiday at prices well below those offered elsewhere. The plan is that you come up with the people and a rough idea of dates and approach us and we will work with you to firm up your plans. Once agreed we will make all the arrangements including booking flight to/from Colombo/London (Heathrow/Gatwick), airport transfers to/from Jungle Tide, all transport while you are in Sri Lanka and opportunities to visit other places in the island if your party wants a longer holiday once your activity at Jungle Tide has ended. We have three double rooms and one twin room, and two extra folding single beds which can go into any room.

So far we have two developed ideas: trekking and art holidays. Do you have other ideas? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


Our partner here is Ravi Desappriya of Sri Lanka Trekking www.srilankatrekking.com. This is currently a four day trek but could be longer or shorter. It includes cljmbing to the summit of the Knuckles mountains, a visit to a Veddha village (the Veddha people are the original inhabitants of the island and few of them remain), a jeep safari in Wasgamuwa National park and the opportunity to see wild elephants and other wildlife at close quarters.


Our partner is artist David McQuillan www.davidmcquillan.com. David will tutor the group in various media in two three-day sessions with a break in the middle to explore some of the local attractions. Easels, canvases and other not easily transported materials will be provided.