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Road update

Progress with improving the road to Jungle Tide continues, but slowly. Back in June 2016 visitors had to brave 3.5km of rough road to get to us.That is now down to 1.5km. We’re getting there! The scale of the work means that every so often the whole road has to be closed all day and we only get about 24 hours notice, so we do our best to warn guests due to arrive on those days. So far it’s happened only three times in seven months so the chances of disruption are very small. And with any luck all will be complete within the next few months.

Yesterday, though, the road was closed for a different reason. We were heading into Kandy for a lunch party with friends and came across a road block half way down. Some bright spark had decided that it would be a great idea to use the one driveable road from Uduwela into Kandy for a load of rally drivers to do a hill climb time trial event. Only in Sri Lanka would the fun of a bunch of boy racers be considered important enough to prevent several thousand folks from accessing medical facilities, train and bus stations and of course shops and – for those who work on Sundays – employment. We do sometimes despair of living in this island!

We were only inconvenienced  in relation to a social engagement and we got there in the end. And by chance met the person who had been the chief engineer responsible for the recent upgrading of the dramatic ’18 hairpin bends road’ which drops down from the Knuckles Range into Mahiyangama on the eastern plains. The person who originally designed this road in about 1921 was none other than Sally’s grandfather!.

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