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Yet more fruit

While my attempts at growing vegetables continue to be abysmal failures, the fruit trees to which I give no attention whatever just carry on cropping in vast quantities, mocking my efforts. There must be a lesson in there somewhere, probably to do with Buddhism. I still can’t get used to trees producing fruit twice or more per year. Lately it’s been mulberries, Chinese guavas and another monster crop of avocados, all of them testing out Sally’s jam-making and my ice-cream-making skills to their limits. The guests appreciate them, though, and so do our volunteers. We had a Trip Adviser review recently, in French, and being lazy I decided to apply Google Translation rather than translate it myself. I was alarmed to read how much our guests had enjoyed “eating the lawyers Sally and Jerry gave us” until I realised that “avocat” is French both for “lawyer” and “avocado”. So if you come a cross that particular review, fear not. We have not descended to cannibalism.

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